Hiring and recruiting transformation starts with your employer brand

I specialize in hiring problems that elude standard solutions:

  • Lack of quality candidates applying?
  • Dropping Glassdoor scores?
  • Falling offer acceptance rates?
  • Strange candidate survey results?

More tools aren’t the answer.

A clearer, focused and better integrated employer brand will solve all those issues and help you attract and hire better talent to grow your business.

If no one knows why they would want work for your company, no one will.

Effective talent strategy, that lets you compete and win against any competition starts with a strong and clear employer brand.

Break down silos to upgrade your talent.

Employer branding is where recruiting, marketing, communications and the business all intersect to drive meaningful business outcomes. It helps you get to the core of what you offer to a the right candidates.

Your employer brand answers candidate's "why?"

I can deliver a compelling reason to work at your company to candidates, lowering your need for sourcing, increasing conversion rates, and squeezing more value out of your current recruiting funnel.

I can help with:

Contact info:
Email: James@EmployerBrand.Consulting

Employer Brand and EVP Development
  • Reveal your culture and brand promise.
  • Develop brand architecture in collaboration with Marketing and Comms teams.
  • Identify obstacles to adoption.
  • Create tag-lines and tactics to communicate the new message to candidates and employees.
  • If you candidates are seeing your Glassdoor ratings, I can help raise them to keep them interested.
  • Respond to negative reviews to clarify your brand position.
  • Develop a content strategy that keeps candidates validating their interest interested.
Job Descriptions and Postings
  • Create a framework that supports better job postings across the entire organization.
  • Build modular and reusable content that supports your brand promise.
  • Develop postings that encourage women and under-represented groups to apply.
Referral Programs
  • Develop a toolset-agnostic process to tap into your internal audiences to create more higher-quality candidates.
  • Adjust existing practices to maximize adoption and use.
  • Build internal comms pieces to create program awareness.
Social Media and Inbound Content Marketing
  • Craft a slate of EVP-focused talking points and launch across multiple platforms.
  • Platform-independent content creation process development.
  • Editorial calendar strategy and execution.
  • Employee-generated content creation.
  • Creating creative briefs that any video team can execute.
  • Internal employee-generated video process creation.
  • Job posting video strategy and launch.
  • Executive buy-in and investment in your employer brand.
  • Internal comms tactic development.

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If you’re ready to take control of your hiring, to evolve and revolutionize how you build the talent within your own business, no one can give you a magic blueprint or set of instructions. But a series of good (sometimes tough) questions can help you see new opportunities to make magic happen.

Think of it like therapy for your hiring and recruiting teams.

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James is one of the most impactful, passionate, intelligent, driven, thought leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You don’t come across too many leaders in recruiting and employment branding that know this space as much as he does. He challenges status quo in everything he does. His goal is to innovate, to be bold and to evolve as the market and industry does. The value he has added is immeasurable.

-Donna H., Director of Recruiting

Meet James Ellis

Based out of Chicago, James leveraged 20 years of marketing experience and pointed it at activating the employer brands of successful companies and turning failing ones around. His mission is to re-write the book on hiring strategy and employer branding through writing, speaking and working.

Inventing Employer Brand’s Future

Employer Brand Manifesto

Employer Brand Manifesto

October 2018. A vision of how employer brand is the catalyst for businesses to change their recruiting and hiring.

The Talent Funnel

The Talent Funnel

February 2018. A modern reinvention of the recruiting funnel, this expends the playing field to allow companies to see more resources available to them to hire better

Recruiting Content Framework

Recruiting Content Framework

Merging the audience and intention of recruitment marketing with the techniques and thinking of content marketing to help anyone answer the question: what content should I build?

James is a true expert in the field of employment branding. He combines his knowledge and experience with a real passion to make a difference. He is one of those rare individuals who is creative and strategic, and at the same time is able to translate that strategy into specific near-term goals and to effectively execute to deliver against those goals.

-Alison A, SVP of HR

Recent work and clients

Employer brand consulting and deliverables for Groupon, SavATree, Aprilaire, Amazon, Tradeshift, Enova, Liberty Mutual, Citizens Bank, GreatClips, Target, Mount Carmel Health System, Veterans Administration Hospitals, RGP, Fresenius Medical Care and others.

Thought leadership

I’ve written for and been quoted in ERE Media, RecruitingDaily, Indeed, ChatTalent, Talent Economy/CLO, Proactive Talent, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Symphony Talent and Recruiter.com.

I’ve delivered webinars for RecruitingDaily, CareerArc, Social Recruiting Show, BLR, The Muse, MNTRN, Dice, and Tint, as well as speeches at ERE, SHRM, RecruitCon, ECIA, Future Workforce, Hardi/Nova, SRSC, and RecFest. [Employer brand speaking details here]

Engaging, and high-energy, he is a powerful voice and expert in employer brand. From bridging the gap between marketing and human resources, to developing a cohesive and effective employer brand outreach, he understands long-term goals.

-Recent client

Engagements start at $20,000

Ready to take a more strategic approach to solving your hiring problems?