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"People volunteer for a reason. More to the point, they don’t just give their time, but they give their energy, passion and engagement to these ideas for free because there’s a clear reason why. Meanwhile, the people you pay every two weeks try to do as little as possible and refuse to engage with their work. See the difference? "

– They aren’t staff or prospects. They’re volunteers. 
Page 17

"The word “social” doesn’t mean “a platform that Mark Zuckerberg owns.” It means a channel that fosters two-way conversation. Email is social. Phones are social. Events are social. But Facebook is only social when you engage."

– Did no one tell you that “social” means “two-way?”
Page 38

"Anyone who gives you more than 5 minutes of attention deserves your respect. And anyone who gives you more than 30 minutes of their time deserves your honest and actionable feedback."

– Do you give candidates feedback?
Page 51

"Here’s how you could describe most referral processes: A secret series of precise hoops to jump through, whose instructions are cleverly hidden on the company intranet and whose meaning to the referrer is not clear."

– What would your job referral program look like if it was run by employees?
Page 62

"When we say nothing, when we hide behind rules and lawyers and the comms team, when we work hard to reveal as little as possible, we create the opportunity for others to speak for us. And they will never have our brand’s best interests at heart. Never."

– If you aren’t telling stories about your brand, who will?
Page 70

"If you want people to be interested in you, you need to be interesting. And you can’t be interesting looking like everyone else."

– How do you expect people to see you as a different kind of employer if you don’t do ANYTHING differently?
Page 85

If you’re sick of hiring “the way you’ve always done it,” if the idea of sending another horrible job posting to a blind list of people makes you want to stay in bed, if you know your company can do hiring better, I’ve got something that you will love. In this very short un-sales-y ebook, you’ll discover that you aren’t alone.

And most importantly? You can change things.

Excited? Great! Let’s go!

-James Ellis

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